OGREs Developmental League

OGREs Developmental League
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 5 Game Results for Games 3-16

Note from the commissioner: Late into Saturday we had an error, and we've been trying to correct it since. We have the results of the games but will not see the readouts for a bit. We're well on the way to completely correcting the problem but unfortunately will not be able to give highlights for the rest of the games this week. This is because we enter all the games and see the computer generated results, we then go through each one with the Kinktrollers and see what we should change and as a result re-input the rest of the game. The software glitched bad and crashed while doing the report this week, and our only viable option to fix has been to reinstall and now manually enter the entire roster for every team all over again. Looking at the games that we were not able to do kinks for, we're still pretty confident in the outcomes based on team rankings and history. We will have in depth results again next week, and you can see the first two games below this post.

However, we do have the results, which are:

Guardians beat Sentinels 21-18

Leviathans beat Knights 69-7

Eels beat Impalers 33-21

Hippie Punchers beat Mustangs 12-0

Mashers beat Miners 21-7

Dragons beat the Slayers 39-13

Spacies beat MIA 47-41

Stereotypes beat Steamies 19-6

Grenades beat Assassins 41-22

Pandas beat Cyberbrains 69-13

Doctors beat Spartans 41-19

Explorers beat Mutants 27-0

Automatons beat Team America 36-30

Lycanthropes beat Mercs 33-32

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