OGREs Developmental League

OGREs Developmental League
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Knights vs. Leviathans

The Gotham Knights vs. The Innsmouth Leviathans
@ Wayne Memorial Stadium

Tonight's game is a somber one, hosting two games at this same stadium as the Asgardian Aberrations will play their opponents here after the Bruce Wayne/Batman Funeral after his death in the events of last week. The entire crowd seems somber here at Wayne Memorial Stadium.

Paragon Percentage: Cthulhu will enter play

Coin Toss: Leviathans win, will receive.
Kick off: Brak kicks off to Throttle, who revs downfield - narrowly avoiding Raze and then easily entering the end zone.
Full Game Synopsis: Maybe it's the somber hometown loss of Batman. Maybe its Cthulhu. Maybe its Maybelline. But the Knights never stood a chance. Highlights include Blade and Raze being the only two Knights left standing after a play in the second quarter, ending the game with a much smaller point score than what would have happened to them had it continued.

Result: GK 3 - IL 24

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